Clue to sexual attraction discovered in lesbian mind

Clue to sexual attraction discovered in lesbian mind

Lesbian and heterosexual ladies respond differently to particular peoples odours, a brain-scanning research has discovered. The homosexual females revealed comparable mind task to heterosexual guys once they inhaled specific chemical substances, that might be pheromones, the scientists state.

“But our research can’t answer questions of cause and effect, ” cautions lead researcher Ivanka Savic in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. “We can’t state if the distinctions are due to pre-existing variations in their brains, or if previous intimate experiences have actually trained their minds to react differently. ”

Savic and her peers asked 12 lesbian women and 12 heterosexual ladies to breathe focused samples of two steroids: EST, which can be produced from oestrogen and discovered within the urine of women that are pregnant; and plus, which can be produced by progesterone and discovered in men’s armpit perspiration.

Positron emission tomography (animal) scans revealed which parts of the brains that are women’s to every chemical. As soon as the heterosexual females smelled AND their brains showed activity within the hypothalamus that is anterior a area associated with the mind thought to process intimate cues. But EST just produced task into the olfactory area of the minds, the area that processes smells.


The fuckcamsr lesbians, nonetheless, only revealed task into the olfactory area whichever odour they smelled.

Sexual choice

The scientists conclude why these “pheromone-like stimuli” create different reactions within the anterior hypothalamus of females of various intimate orientations, and therefore their research supports the concept that the anterior hypothalamus plays a part in intimate choice.

The pattern of task when you look at the minds of lesbians both for chemical compounds had been that is similar maybe not identical – towards the pattern for heterosexual males. Leia mais